Top 25 New Cars for Senior Drivers

5 Jun

from Consumer Reports June 2017

Senior drivers and others with limited mobility need a car that’s easy to get into and out of, with controls that are easy to reach and intuitive to use. We’ve combed through our ratings to find the 25 new models that we think best fit the bill. All are recommended by Consumer Reports and earned an Overall Score of Excellent or Very Good in their respective categories (representing road-test performance, predicted reliability, owner satisfaction,
and safety).

We determined the rankings in this chart by giving special consideration and extra weighting to specific features we think are essential for senior drivers:

Click here for complete chart from Consumer Reports Magazine July 2017 edition. doc07565420170601112130

Front-Seat Access

Low door sills, wider openings, and step-in heights that reduce the need for ducking or climbing make entry easier for those with physical limitations.


We chose cars that enable tall, medium, and shorter drivers to see out of the front, sides, and back.


These cars have easy-to-read gauges and intuitive controls for changing the radio, shifting gears, and adjusting the heating and cooling.


Powerful headlights can make driving at night easier for people with decreasing or compromised vision.

Top Picks: Senior Features and Advanced Safety Features

In the table below, the bullet points in the columns for front-seat access, visibility, control, and headlights show where vehicles excel for those attributes when compared with the other recommended vehicles on the list.

We determined the rankings in the chart below by giving special consideration and extra weighting to specific features we think are essential for senior drivers.


29 May
  • Subaru confirms future 3-row SUV will be named Subaru Ascent
  • The Ascent will be powered by an all-new turbocharged DI Boxer Engine
  • Ascent SUV Concept showcases 7 passenger interior
NEW YORK –  Subaru of America, Inc., which this month posted its 64th consecutive month of record-breaking sales, today made the world debut of the Subaru Ascent SUV Concept. The styling concept also confirms the name Ascent for the upcoming Subaru 3-row SUV. Both the design concept and the production Ascent will feature an all-new turbocharged direct injection boxer engine.

The exterior design of the concept follows Subaru’s “Dynamic x Solid” theme with powerful fender flares representing Subaru’s all-wheel drive system and a large, bluff grille denoting a true SUV look. The interior of the concept features a flowing dashboard design and a 7-passenger configuration with center captain’s chairs.
The Ascent production model will be based on a modified version of the Subaru Global Platform that debuted last year. The model will be built at Subaru of Indiana, Inc. in Lafayette, Indiana and will be sold exclusively in the North American market starting in 2018.

Body size: (Length x Width x Height) 198.8 x 78.3 x 72.4 inches
Wheelbase: 117 inches
Tire Size: 275/50 R21
Seating Capacity: 7

It’s Vehicle Safety Week!

22 May

Be sure to check your vehicle before hitting the road this summer.

Whether you’re spending a day at Jones Beach or Grafton State Park, or planning a trip to Niagara Falls, all New Yorkers are urged to make sure their vehicles are as ready as they are.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has declared the week of May 22-29 as Vehicle Safety Week in the Empire State. He urges all New Yorkers to have their vehicles examined to check brake and radiator fluids, that tires are properly inflated, that your windshield wipers are not worn, and that everything is in good working order. He also encouraged people to check to check for any recalls that might affect their vehicles.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are 11,000 crashes every year as a result of faulty tires alone including 200 fatalities. The website safercar.govdetails what recalls are in effect for vehicles so that motorists can quickly get them repaired or parts replaced.

“Just as a family checks to make sure all the suitcases are properly packed and that there is sufficient bug spray and sunscreen, it is even more important to take the time to make sure the vehicle is working properly,” said DMV Executive Deputy Commissioner Terri Egan.  “Nothing ruins a vacation like being stranded at the side of the road or, worse, being in an easily preventable accident. We want all New Yorkers’ vacations to be memorable for the right reasons, not the wrong ones.”

It is also recommended that New Yorkers keep a summer travel safety kit in their car with windshield wiper fluid, jumper cables, a tire pressure gauge, hazard road markers, a flashlight, phone charger and water and snacks for passengers in case you are stranded. When checking that the tires on the car are properly inflated, make sure the spare tire is also in good condition in case you need it.

Update on Hudson Valley Hero Project

19 May
UPDATE: We are delighted to have had an immediate impact on the veteran community. From receiving the check so far these veterans have been helped:
  • Assisted HONOR EHG (Homeless Veterans Shelter) – The shelter requested assistance outfitting their new homeless shelter in order to start allowing veterans access to the new facility. With money from Mid-Hudson Subaru’s donation, we purchased mattress covers, sheet sets, blankets, pillows and bedspreads in patriotic colors for every bed in the shelter.
  • The Hudson Valley Hero Project recently assisted a honorably discharged Marine who was living with family members after finishing his time in service, but unfortunately the home caught fire and the Marine was staying in a hotel until he got into a new apartment. The Hudson Valley Hero Project provided him with the financial assistance of one month’s rent for his new apartment, as well as $500 to Freight Liquidators furniture store and $500 to Walmart in order to help him get off to a good start.
  • Two local children decided that instead of asking for birthday presents from their friends, they requested that their friends donate goods to the Hudson Valley Hero Project to send overseas to locally deployed troops. We were able to ship an additional 50 boxes of goods overseas to locally deployed troops. Mid-Hudson Subaru’s donation covered the cost of the shipment.
  • The Hudson Valley Hero Project assisted a struggling Marine Corps veteran with an overdue electric payment. The veteran was referred to us by Dutchess County’s Vet to Vet program. Sadly, the veteran was sleeping in his truck due to financial issues. We offered to assist the veteran with finding a home, as well as paying for the initial costs of moving in, but the Marine Corps veteran did not want to accept any form of charity for himself. He insisted that he make his way back onto his feet on his own merit. He humbly requested that the Hudson Valley Hero Project only assist with paying for an electric bill, so that his children still living at home would be able to live day to day comfortably. The outstanding electric bill was $812.01 and we paid for it in its entirety.
  •  We just assisted another Marine Corps veteran with moving costs. The veteran is a single father earning a low wage salary. He is currently live in a one bedroom apartment, but unfortunately it is not enough space for him and his growing daughter. The veteran found a suitable living space but his initial cost of moving will be approximately $3,000. The veteran was able to save $1,400 to put toward the move and inquired about any assistance we might be able to offer. The Hudson Valley Hero Project will be covering the additional $1,600 for his initial cost of moving as well as a $500 gift certificate to his local supermarket, so that he may alleviate some food shopping costs in the near future for his daughter and himself.

Mid-Hudson Subaru Loves the Earth

24 Apr

During the month of April. Mid-Hudson Subaru wants to showcase our promise and commitment to the environment. Loving the environment means more than loving the great outdoors. It means working to preserve it.  We worked with the National Wildlife Federation to select a local high school to receive materials to create a certified wildlife habitat.

unnamed (1)

We are thrilled to partner with the gardening club at Arlington High School. Together we will be creating a certified wildlife habitat. Arlington high school will receive live plants and organic materials necessary to plant the garden. A certified wildlife habitat provides the four basic elements that all wildlife need to thrive: food, water, cover and places to raise young.

On May 19th, Endangered Species Day, we will bring additional items to enhance the habitat. These are some of the items we will  be bringing: chickadee house, hanging wren house, songbird feeder, bird bath, toad abode, plus gardening tools, seed packets, soil and more.

Mid-Hudson Subaru is a butterfly hero – are you? You can become one today! Stop in our showroom from now through the end of April to get your free seeds!

Catching Kids Caring

17 Apr

Too many times, as parents and educators, we catch kids doing bad things. But what if we caught them doing good things and awarded them for it? That’s the premise of the Poughkeepsie club’s Catching Kids Caring program.

unnamedNow in its third year, with schools in three large districts participating, Catching Kids Caring has honored students for doing what comes naturally: good deeds. Taken from a member’s experiences in a middle school where bullying was a big problem, the club adopted it to all good deeds such as returning a stolen item, helping out in the classroom, making friends with a student from another school or country, and, of course, mediating and anti-bullying activities.

Each month, teachers, administrators, or guidance people are asked to keep a look out for these students and contact Kiwanis and the parents. Five local businesses have signed on as sponsors and help pay for the awards, usually gift cards to Barnes and Noble. Then, twice a month or so parents, students, and teachers gather at one of the sponsors’ locations and are awarded the gift cards. Most students bring friends and family and the sponsors supply refreshments. This has been a successful program for Kiwanis, as well as the local schools. These awards are not based on academics; just good deeds. So the students honored usually are not recognized at any other awards ceremony.

Mid-Hudson Subaru donates largest check to date to local charity.

13 Apr

On Monday March 13th, Mid-Hudson Subaru gathered together customers, local veterans, community groups, business executives, political constituents, and staff members to present Hudson Valley Hero Project with a donation check.

Every year Subaru of America holds their Share the Love event from mid-November to early January. During that time any customer that buys or leases a new Subaru has the capability to choose 1 of 5 charities to receive a $250 donation from Subaru. The charities are 4 national and 1 local. Every dealership has the option of choosing what their local charity will be.

This year Peter Maher, owner Mid-Hudson Subaru, chose Hudson Valley Hero Project (HVHP) as the local charity. HVHP was founded by two-time Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran Marc Coviello. Marc is the recipient of numerous awards, most notably the Purple Heart. Marc’s charity helps Hudson Valley active and retired veterans.

The owner of Mid-Hudson Subaru, Peter Maher, met Marc at a Beekman Town Hall event. Marc came up to talk to Peter about Peter’s businesses and Peter so impressed with Marc’s composure, intelligence and passion for Hudson Valley Hero Project that Peter knew Mid-Hudson Subaru had to be a part of Marc’s vision.

Marc has created a very special charity that helps local active and retired military with whatever their needs are. From something as simple as a mailing a care package overseas  to  giving money to cover a veterans  mortgage so they can stay in their house. Marc’s energy, passion and dedication to his military brethren  is truly inspiring.

Mid-Hudson Subaru customers, staff and Subaru of America were able to donate over $60,000 to Hudson Valley Hero Project. The best part of the donation is that 100% of it will go to aid our local veterans.